October 2, 2014

The Vanity Publishing Shell Game


Chances are you’ve see the shell game scam in action. Maybe you played it with your friends. Maybe you saw a professional offering it at a carnival, a park, or on a street corner. You try your hand to see if you can follow the shell or the cup with the ball better than the person shuffling them can cause you to lose track of it. You’re always … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Beautiful Book Pages

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The first book my son ever got truly captivated by as an early reader was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We had read the earlier Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone together, with me doing most of the reading since he had just learned to read. By the time the second book came out, he was determined to read it himself. It was a … [Read more...]

A Major Shift in Book Publishing


There is a major change going on in book publishing. Some publisher see it and are scared. Some are trying to change. Some do not even see it yet. Eyeballs are moving from print to online. We see this in newspapers and magazines as well as books. Advertisers are following the eyeballs and are shifting their promotion money from print … [Read more...]

Look Beyond the Bookstore to Sell More Books


“Total unit sales of print books sold through the outlets whose sales are captured by Nielsen BookScan dropped 10.2% in the six month period ended July 3, 2011…” (PWDaily, July 8, 2011). This is a trend that will continue, according to publishing experts. Combine that with the demise of Borders and the outlook for trade sales of print books is not … [Read more...]

Chicken or the E-gg? Five Points About Print vs. E-Book Editions


Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! If you have your ear to the self publishing blogosphere, you’ve heard the constant buzz on the subject of publishing printed books vs. e-books. If you’re going to self-publish a book this year, there are five points you need to consider as you consider your publishing options. Tangible products have immediate value … [Read more...]

Legalized Plagiarism: The Bar Drops Again


I was intrigued by Amazon’s generosity towards the self-publishing market. They’ll put my little self-published book together for me? For free? They’ll sell it for me and take just 35% of the sale price? In the time it takes to chew a stick of gum, I’d ordered Kindle Fire and was ready to roll. I downloaded a lot of free books and some … [Read more...]

Six Confounding Bits of Misinformation


Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! This issue’s column is for those of you who have goals of commercial success with your self-published book. If yours is a “friends and family” project, you might find some of this helpful, too. To be successful your book has to be exceptional. With the explosive expansion of self publishing options, it’s easier than … [Read more...]