October 1, 2014

Book Design Case Study: Two Contemporary Novels

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Sometimes things happen in waves, or some people say they happen in threes. But people also have the uncanny ability to see patterns—even where they don’t exist. Whatever the case, recently I ended up designing two contemporary novels by women novelists, both from the San Francisco bay area, at exactly the same time. Helen of Troy by Tess … [Read more...]

A Plea to Indie Authors and Publishers


Special Note: This issue's Coach's Corner article is provided by guest coach, Sheila Ruth. Enjoy this insightful column! I've long been an advocate for indie authors and indie publishers. As a former president and current member of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association, I have worked to help improve both the quality of indie publishing and … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can (and Should) Promote Your Ebook


The ebook is a hot topic at the writers’ conferences I attend. No matter what issue I’m addressing as a workshop leader, I get questions about publishing and marketing ebooks. For information about ebook publishing, let me direct you to the Internet. I got over sixty-eight million results when I did an Internet search using keywords, “publish … [Read more...]

Eight Brilliant Examples of Cover Design

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When you choose to publish and print with www.SelfPublishing.com, you have the opportunity to work with professional editors and designers. You also have the opportunity to learn a lot about the processes that go into a successful publishing solution. The more you know about editing, design, and printing, the more likely you’ll be to reach the … [Read more...]

Infants, Tots, and Toddlers?


Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! If you’ve talked with me live, you’ve probably heard me say, “your book is your baby!” Most everyone agrees when I suggest that you need to let a manuscript gestate as long as it needs to gel into a well-put-together book. “You can’t rush that baby!” Whether it’s professional editing or design, I’ve encouraged you … [Read more...]

The Corporate Kiss


Again I stand on the verge of a familiar milestone with an unfamiliar wisdom. Feverishly I type away the midnight oil with the sounds of tapping on laptop keys. “The End” will bless the final page of my second novel and I cannot help but to dwell on the journey before this one. I cannot help but to think about the insightful dialogue I’ve had with … [Read more...]

Two Design Nuggets


It All Starts with ... "Great Book Titles" & "The Printed Book Should Come First" While speaking in London, I ran across a book and loved the title so much, I bought it. The Guide to a Dead Brilliant Funeral Speech - Because you only get one chance to make a last impression by Neil Dorward (147 pages, Paperback - Aug. 17, 2009, Ecademy … [Read more...]