September 21, 2014

About Carolyn Madison

Carolyn is the Editorial Coordinator at Self Publishing, Inc. Having a background in research analysis, she has spent more than twenty years writing, editing, and consulting. While director of editing and quality assurance at the Gallup Organization, Carolyn helped to establish Gallup Press and led its editorial staff in preparing such bestsellers as First, Break All The Rules; Now, Discover Your Strengths; How Full Is Your Bucket?; and Vital Friends.

Do-It-Yourself Winemaking and Publishing; Some Considerations


Careful attention to detail and timing goes in to making a wine that people will want to drink or a book that readers will want to read. Self publishers who are too willing to take shortcuts and make compromises in the editorial process tend to produce books that leave a bad aftertaste—if they get read at all. When amateur winemakers learn from … [Read more...]

“I Hate My Editor!”


Do you writers seriously think your editor doesn’t know how you really feel about him or her? Oh sure, most of you are polite enough when interacting directly with editors. But I’m not delusional. I know what you’re really thinking when it’s you and your heavily marked-up manuscript that you’ve just received. Many writers who have had their work … [Read more...]

Tips for Creating Fiction that Ignites the Imagination


What We Have Here is a Failure to Launch: Tips for Creating Fiction that Ignites the Imagination A professional editor will seek fundamental elements of good fiction within your manuscript—and where necessary, suggest improvements to develop it so that it will “launch” and flow in a structured storyline to better engage readers. Have you ever … [Read more...]

Don’t Pay for Editing Until You Know What Kind of Editing Your Manuscript Needs


You’ve worked through several drafts of your manuscript, and you think you’re ready to have it professionally edited. You have a local friend who does editing, and you know of a local college professor who edited something for another friend recently. You’ve come across several different editing services on the Internet, and you wonder about those. … [Read more...]

Four Tips to Enhance Your Credibility as An Author


Nonfiction writers are justifiably concerned with how their voice and tone will affect the audience. They want to portray themselves as credible without coming across as a “know-it-all.” They want to seem authoritative on their topic but not “preachy.” While there are several techniques to accomplish this, some strategies may undermine your efforts … [Read more...]

Unleashing the Power of Limited Third Person Point of View


Have you ever considered that your story might be begging to be rewritten from a different point of view? That was the case in a recent manuscript I edited. Here’s what happened. I’ve seen a lot of manuscripts, and few of them move me to tears; but this one did. I attributed much of its appeal to the beautiful simplicity in the writer’s approach … [Read more...]

Are You Going to Write the Way You Speak?


If you consider yourself a better speaker than writer, you would be wise to do some intentional thinking about how you will prepare your manuscript for publication. As you plan your book project, begin by considering your audience. Ask yourself some basic questions. Who is the audience of your book? Is it the same audience as the audience for … [Read more...]