October 22, 2014

As Long As It Takes

Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! How long will it take you to realize your dream, complete your manuscript, have it professionally edited, designed, printed and published? “As long as it takes.”

This is November, “National Novel Writing Month,” when authors and writers sometimes challenge themselves to join the NaNoWriMo bandwagon and write a novel during the month. Are you ready or able to sprint through a manuscript by month’s end?

The historic postponement of the New York City Marathon in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, got me thinking. Writing is not a sissy sprint. Writing and publishing and printing are marathon endeavors. I’ve talked about training for this marathon before. But there is an example of a monumental journey that I hope you’ll find as inspirational as I do.

Selden Edwards is a longtime English teacher with just a couple of books under his belt. His first novel, 2009’s The Little Book, took over thirty years to write, rewrite, complete, and publish. That’s right, over THIRTY (3-0) YEARS! And, if ever there was a book worth the wait, I’d have to recommend The Little Book. Whether or not you love the fin de siècle descriptions of Vienna, Austria, enjoy the fly-on-the-wall view of the main character’s encounters with Freud, Mark Twain, Klimt, and others, or are intrigued with the book’s take on issues of fate, destiny, and time travel, The Little Book is a complex tapestry that is the epitome of a “page-turner.”

Mr. Edwards second book, The Lost Prince, a sequel to The Little Book came out a couple months ago, barely three years after its predecessor became a bestseller. There are lots of guesses we could make about this second book that took 1/10th of the time to write and is positively reviewed as every bit as satisfying as his freshman offering. I, for one, would like to ask a dozen questions. “Was the pressure off?” “Did you feel more confident as you wrote?” “Are you teaching less and writing more?” “Was the sequel easier to write as you were continuing the story?” “What the heck took thirty years for the first book?”

I’m sure the predominant answer would be, “it took as long as it took.” Writing and creation is funny that way. Whether you’re writing the great American novel, the next how-to marvel, or building a better mousetrap, the process takes as long as it takes. You know when you’re done and when you’re ready for the next steps: patenting your mousetrap or publishing your book.

I’d like to think that any and all authors, who struggle with their manuscripts, know now there is no longer a need to wait on an agent or a rejection letter. If your manuscript is ready to start its publishing journey, don’t wait on others to see the value of your work. You now have the ability to own your ISBN, retain your publishing rights, and publish your own book. With Self Publishing, Inc.’s help, it’s never been easier.

When your manuscript is done, let it be done. Start with our Editorial Analysis and get professional feedback. Choose to publish your finished manuscript. Let it take its own sweet time, gelling and composing in your brain, in your heart, and at your fingers. Let it take “as long as it takes.” But no longer.

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